Imperfect Tense: The End / Credits

Credits / THE END


Thanks for the reading. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

(It's over now. Really. I swear.)

An earlier version of Imperfect Tense was workshopped during my first week at the Clarion Writer's Workshop at UCSD, under the mentorship of Andy Duncan. Which is where this happened:


Yes, those are two *different* attempts to re-organize the chronology of the story to help make sense of it. And that was when it was just on paper!

(And no, none of my fellow Clarionites have let me live it down.)

This story also would not have possible without the help of my good friend Jason Blanchard, who for some reason thought I had a cool idea and agreed to help me out (read: handled pretty much all of the actual coding and formatting here). Thanks, dude! I'm still sorry about Krithtoff!

And finally, if you did enjoy this story and want to see more like it — or maybe hated this story and want to encourage me to never, ever, ever try an experiment like this again — please consider helping me out with a small donation so that I can continue telling stories (or, to encourage me to stop).

Thom Dunn

PS If you're someone curious about self-publishing / someone who thinks it was dumb of me to just go right ahead and post this story on the Internet for free and thereby forfeit any potential first publishing rights — well, I really don't have much to say to either one of you. It's hard to find a paying market for hypertext stories, especially since the different levels of annotations pad out the word count (whoops). But since I already wrote it, I figured that I may as well get it out there in the world.

PPS If you're interested in what it's like to read a physical copy of the story (and recreating the tactile experience shown above), just leave a comment with your donation up above there and I will happily send you a printable PDF copy your own enjoyment.

I totally should have written these post-scripts as annotations, huh?